Why am I doing this?

Dermatology is my passion and I find it exciting to be the first Dermatologist to offer an affordable, cheap online Tele-Dermatology Service. I have a full time well paid job and hence can afford this ‘hobby’ in my spare time. In the long-run, if this site does become popular, I hope to raise money for Charity,with the help of my users.

Please note: I do not endorse, neither am I sponsored by any pharmaceutical or cosmetic company.

Thanks for your interest.


2 Responses to Why am I doing this?

  1. Dean says:

    TY for doing this doctor!!!!

  2. Swetha says:

    Dear Sir/Madam

    I hope the email finds you well.

    Sorry if I am emailing this to the wrong person, but can youplease forward it to the correct individual and give me a feedback.

    I am originally from India living in the U.K for the past 5years and have an amazing younger brother who lives in New Jersey. He is one ofthe honest and best person I know. He was born perfect as a brown skinned baby beacuse of his Indian ethnicity but had slight shades inhis skin complexion, thedoctors said it was normal perhaps just color variation and told itwould fade away in no time. But, it did not and infact the color variation inhis skin texture turned into spots and markings as he grew up and he appearedas if he suffered very bad burns!! He was shown to different doctors, skinsurgeons, dermatologists etc in India without any use and when he was 18 hisparents were carried away by an Indian Laser Surgeon who returned from the U.Sshowed pictures of a similar condition that was treated by him in America and promised he could operate the young boy using laserbut never warned them of side effects. The desperate parents who just want the boyto look normal agreed and the boy was treated with laser surgery, which was notjust expensive but very painful, he had to be injected several times indifferent parts of his face for anesthesia and left his face swollen, he had tothereby take antibiotics, pain killers etc for a couple of weeks, underwent allthe suffering with a hope he could look like u and me, just normal! But, he was just the same infactit made things worser as it increased because of the sideeffects leaving him an uneven surface two color textured face!! But the parentsnever gave up on him, realized his potential in education and inspired him tostudy and also sent him abroad for further education. This was all when hehad people staring at him for his appearance, getting bullied at school andcollege, never could even think about a girl friend in life because of the wayhe looked although it’s not his fault.. But it never stopped him to achievewhat he deserved and turn into who he is now…. Yes I am proud to say that is mywonderful younger brother Sashank, 25 who’s done his Engineeringfrom India and has a Master’s degree from a U.S University and currentlyworking as an I.T Contractor for a reputed telecom company. But the hope isstill with him, me, our family and our daily prayers and just with that hopehe consulted a doctor in the U.S and he was tested and finally was given a technicalname to the disorder: POST INFLAMMATORY HYPERPIGMENTATION, a very rare disorder caused by increased epidermal pigmentation via increased melanocyte activity or by melanin drop out from the epidermis into the dermis (as per wikipedia, but I don’t technically know what it means).. The modern world of 2012 where people are even gettingfacial transplants is it not possible to treat this disorder?? I am sending this with a hope that it could be published and some doctor or a hospitalmiraculously could take interest in him and give him a chance to face the worldin a different way!



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