What is Acne and what are its causes?

Acne is an inflammatory skin problem seen usually over the face in young patients.
During the rapidly growing teenage years sebaceous glands over the face and scalp become very active under hormonal influence and discharge excessive oily secretions. Compounded by hormonal and genetic induced narrowing of the skin pores into which these glands open, oil accumulates as solid fat. Bacteria and yeasts break fat into fatty acids which produces inflammation and pus. Left untreated this can lead to scarring and pigmentation.

Dr.Sasi Attili
Consultant Dermatologist


About Dr.Sasi Attili

Dr. Sasi Kiran Attili is the founder of Online Skin specialist LTD and is the principal consultant on this website panel. He is a UK trained/ accredited consultant dermatologist & Dermatopathologist. He is a member of the British Association of Dermatologists. He currently works as a Private Consultant Dermatologist in Leeds. Appointments can be booked by calling on 07952708911.
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