What are the types of Microdermabrasion? How do they differ? What is the difference between diamond and crystal microdermabrasion?

The two main types of microdermabrasion (Diamond microdermabrasion and crystal microdermabrasion) have a common principle i.e they use a pen device to vacuum the surface of the skin which has been abraded. The two types differ in the mechanism used to abrade the skin. One uses a jet of fine crystals blown on to the skin surface to produce this effect; whilst the other has a rough diamond head which when run over the surface of the skin produces the same effect (like using sandpaper). We shall be using diamond microdermabrasion for your treatments as we believe that the fine crystals used in crystal microdermabrasion could theoretically be inhaled and or get into the eyes, which might cause problems.


Dr. Sasi Attili

Consultant Dermatologist


About Dr.Sasi Attili

Dr. Sasi Kiran Attili is the founder of Online Skin specialist LTD and is the principal consultant on this website panel. He is a UK trained/ accredited consultant dermatologist & Dermatopathologist. He is a member of the British Association of Dermatologists. He currently works as a Private Consultant Dermatologist in Leeds. Appointments can be booked by calling on 07952708911.
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