My local Beauty Therapist/ Saloon is offering a variety of Facial peels and Microdermabrasion. Would it help my Acne?

Over the years, we have seen a number of patients with irreversible side effects from facial cosmetic procedures performed by unqualified personnel. Some facial cosmetic procedures can make acne (and other skin problems) worse. Dermatologists are specifically trained to diagnose and treat skin disease and when possible always seek assistance from a qualified Dermatologist.
Microdermabrasion should be performed only by an experienced dermatologist or under his supervision. He/She will decide when the skin is ready for microdermabrasion after acne and other problems are brought under control and skin is adequately primed with exfoliating medications. These can be harmful to persons who suffer from acne or pigmentation problems. Microdermabrasion is the best ‘Scientific Facial’ that gives very good long term results without complications or side effects. No chemicals or harmful substances are used.

Dr.Sasi Attili
Consultant Dermatologist


About Dr.Sasi Attili

Dr. Sasi Kiran Attili is the founder of Online Skin specialist LTD and is the principal consultant on this website panel. He is a UK trained/ accredited consultant dermatologist & Dermatopathologist. He is a member of the British Association of Dermatologists. He currently works as a Private Consultant Dermatologist in Leeds. Appointments can be booked by calling on 07952708911.
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